Expansion and Modernization of Airport Surfaces at Oradea Airport Romania

On 12th November 2015 Oradea Airport was reopened, once the first plane travelling the route Bucharest- Oradea landed there.
The airport was closed for traffic 59 days, during this period works were executed in a rate of 24 hours per day. The existing take-off resp. landing runway was entirely demolished and replaced with a new one that has concrete structure.
The newly built runway is 2,100m long and has a width of 45m. The work rate was 2,000 m3 of concrete per day, using two finishers especially designed for the laying of concrete with a thickness up to 40cm. A total of 300,000m3 of earthworks were executed and 60,000m3 of concrete were poured.
The runway is provided on both operating directions with turnaround platforms.The taxiways have a width of 18m and are framed by two shoulders of 3.5m each. The boarding-landing platform is 266m long and 118.5m wide and provides the space necessary for the simultaneous stationing of 6 aircraft.
The movement areas, such as take-off resp.landing runway, ALFA and BRAVO taxiways and the boarding/landing platform are all fitted with lighting systems for operation category II. For gathering the rainwater from the runway surfaces, a new drainage system with a total length of 11,000m was designed and executed.
An electrical subststion was also built in order to serve all airport facilities and systems.
By delivering the work in excellent quality and in time INGENIEUR GESELLSCHAFT MUNCHEN succeed to ensure for the beneficiary the absorption of EU- funds under the management of GBN INVESTMENT COMPANY.
Partners: IGM (www.igm-mbh.de) and Col-Air (www.alexcoller.wix.com/col-air)